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Vegetable Rennet - 10 Tablets

Vegetable Rennet - 10 Tablets

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Vegetable Rennet - 10 Tablets

Please note: All store-bought bottled milk will need some calcium chloride.

Pasteurisation and the subsequent cooling and cold storage of milk reduce the rennet coagulation properties of the milk. The addition of calcium chloride assists in reversing this change and is required in all milk that has been heat treated and then cooled, such as commercially pasteurised milk.

In a perfect world, milk should be pasteurized immediately before cheese making, and should not be cold stored before use. If this cannot be achieved, then use Calcium Chloride.

Rennet tablets are used in;

These tablets are made with microbial enzymes which contain no animal products. Each tablet is scored into 4 segments for ease of use.

For home cheesemakers, 1/4 of a rennet tablet is equivalent to 1/4 of a teaspoon of liquid rennet and it should be dissolved in a small amount of non-chlorinated water before adding into your inoculated milk. For a detailed understanding of how rennet works refer to Valerie's book, Home Cheese Making in Australia.

Our experience is that the shelf life of these tablets will be increased dramatically if kept in a freezer.


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