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Hard Cheese / 30 Minute Mozzarella and Ricotta Combo Kit

Hard Cheese / 30 Minute Mozzarella and Ricotta Combo Kit

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This is a Beginner Cheese Kit, ideal for those with no cheese making experience.

Combine these two kits, without paying for two thermometers, to make well over 30 kg of cheese.

How Does It Work?

Making Hard Cheese is fun and easy, and most hard cheeses are made with these simple steps;

  1. Milk is warmed
  2. Starter culture and rennet are added
  3. The milk coagulates into a single curd
  4. The curd is cut and stirred to drain off the whey
  5. The curd is sometimes heated and/or pressed, to remove even more whey
  6. The curd is moulded and shaped into a cheese, salting takes place before or after this process
  7. The cheese is matured or aged under controlled conditions

This Combo Kit Contains:

You Will Need: (most of which can be found in your kitchen)

  • Stainless steel pot to place your milk in large enough to hold eight to ten litres
  • A second, larger pot to place your first pot in, to act as a water jacket, so you can indirectly heat your milk
  • Large stainless steel or enamel colander
  • Stainless steel perforated spoon
  • Stainless steel curd knife
  • Stainless steel ladle
  • Measuring cups
  • Measuring spoons
  • Mini measuring spoons (optional)
  • Somewhere to age your cheese (10 to 15 deg C)
  • Cheese Press - Stainless Steel with 22 kg Spring

How Much Does It Make?

This kit contains enough ingredients to make 24 batches of hard cheese and up to 40 batches of mozzarella

How Do I Store The Ingredients?

We ship these products Australia wide, however, this kit contains ingredients that do require long term storage in a freezer, on arrival. Extended time out of a freezer will decrease the shelf life.

Shelf Life of Cultures:

When stored correctly freeze-dried lactic cultures are typically viable long after any date on the pack.

Room temperature

Dosing Cheese Culture:

We are often asked, "if my culture pack is enough for 100 litres, how do I work out how much to use for four or eight litres"?

Step By Step Videos

Basic Steps of Hard Curd Cheese Making.

  1.   Indirect Heating Milk With a Water Jacket
  2.   Adding The Calcium Chloride
  3.  Adding Cheese Culture
  4.  Adding Rennet
  5.  Checking For a Clean Break & Cutting The Curd
  6.  Stirring & Cooking The Curd
  7.  Draining The Curd
  8.  Dry Salting The Curd
  9.  Pressing The Curd
  10.  Drying The Cheese
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