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Yoghurt Container Insert with Lid - 2 litre

Yoghurt Container Insert with Lid - 2 litre

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1-2 Litre BPA Free Yoghurt Container Insert

The Yoghurt Container is Certified BPA Free!

2 litre capacity. Fits Green Living Australia's Electric Yoghurt Maker.

Many of our customers have requested that we stock extra yoghurt containers so that they can start on a new batch of yoghurt while the previous batch is still in the fridge. Eliminate the need to transfer your yoghurt into another container. Just pop your finished yoghurt, still in the container, into the fridge and start on another batch without the wait!

The container with the lid on is 160mm high. The base of the container is 135mm wide and the lid is 165mm wide. The container is slightly tapered.

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