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Cheese board - Bamboo Cutting board

Cheese board - Bamboo Cutting board

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Bamboo Cutting Boards, perfect for Cheesemaking! Our cheese boards are the ideal place to dry your hard cheeses before waxing or vacuum sealing and in between brining in the case of washed-rind cheeses. Cheese boards are also used to make a cheese hoop sandwich when making mould-ripened cheeses.

How to create a Cheese Hoop Sandwich:

  • When making mould-ripened cheeses such as Camembert, Brie and blue vein cheeses, you need to have what Valerie calls a "Cheese Hoop Sandwich."
  • These cheeses are high moisture content cheeses and do not require pressing. The excess whey is expelled from the curds by allowing the cheese to drain for many hours or overnight, using the cheese's own weight to press the whey from the cheese.
  • To allow the whey to drain evenly from both the top and bottom of the cheese, place your cheese hoop between two cheese boards and two bamboo draining mats and flip the cheese periodically.
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