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Calcium chloride 250 ml

Calcium chloride 250 ml

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Calcium Chloride Solution for Cheese Making, Yoghurt Making, Tofu Making & Fermenting Vegetables

Strength: This is a 30% calcium chloride solution

Cheese Making:

The addition of Calcium Chloride generally improves the rennet coagulation properties of your milk, which is particularly true when using pasteurised milk stored in a refrigerator.

Pasteurising and then cold storing milk impairs the milk’s rennet coagulation properties, reduces the recovery of protein and fat, and reduces cheese yield. There is a scientific explanation that we will not go into here; however, the addition of Calcium Chloride, which is a salt solution, solves this problem with milk purchased from the grocery store and allows you to make cheese with this milk by restoring the milk’s ability to coagulate and form a good curd with the addition of rennet.


Adding a few drops per litre of milk can help strengthen the curd, making a thicker yoghurt. If making yoghurt, a 50 ml bottle is enough for over 300 kilos of yoghurt

Making Tofu:

Calcium Chloride acts as a coagulant for soy milk. Add two to three teaspoons of Calcium Chloride to a litre of heated soy milk to create curds suitable to press into tofu.

Fermenting Vegetables:

Adding a teaspoon per kilogram of vegetables will help keep your fermented vegetables crisp.

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