Chemical-Free Dog Shampoo

Chemical-Free Dog Shampoo

Dog shampoo in an amber glass bottle

Our pets are important family members, and we must take good care of them. I have two adorable dogs at my home. They don't actually know they are dogs and seem to have the run of this place. One thing we can do for our dogs that helps them, and us is to keep them clean and fresh, but do it without the use of harsh chemicals. To that end, here is a great recipe for making your own all-natural dog shampoo.



  • Mix all ingredients together in a large bottle and shake.
  • To wash your dog, massage the soap well into the coat and leave it to soak for 1-2 minutes.
  • Rinse with warm water.

*Remember, soap doesn’t have to lather a lot to be working. That’s just an added bonus*

This is Scruffy. She loves rolling in the dewy grass and jumping in the pool as she pleases. We tested this shampoo out on her to see if it worked, and it definitely neutralised her dog smell and made her coat all soft. She was pleased as she got a bath out of it! (Thank you to Lauren for testing this on your dog.)

A dog sitting on grass

As always, live well.


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