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Valerie Pearson

Red Iron Oxide - 50 grams

Red Iron Oxide - 50 grams

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Use powdered or dissolved into a carrier oil or glycerine to form a paste before adding it to your cosmetic mixture.

  • Lip Safe
  • Eye Safe

Basic Blush Recipe

Great for everyday wear. You can add extra iron oxide to darken for deeper skin tones or additional silk mica for a translucent effect.


Sparkly Blush Recipe

Perfect for going out or for more outgoing personalities who love a dash of glitter!




  • Measure out ingredients using mini measuring spoons.
  • Mix all ingredients in a spice grinder for 1 minute or place into a plastic bag and blend together using your fingers for 5 minutes.
  • Place in a sifter jar and apply with a blush or kabuki brush to the cheeks.


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