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Coconut oil 1 kg

Coconut oil 1 kg

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When used in soap making coconut oil creates a soap quick to trace, with a beautiful, creamy lather and, when used in moderation, it has great moisturizing and conditioning properties. However, if used in too high a percentage, it can cause dryness, so us this oil in moderation. Coconut oil has strong cleaning properties and makes a moderately hard soap. This oil is solid at room temperatures under 25 degrees and liquid at higher temperatures.

Recommended usage: 15 to 30%.

This coconut oil is refined and deodorised (RBD).


  • The 1kg Coconut Oil comes packed in a resealable plastic pouch which is enclosed in a cardboard box for protection. 
  • The 15kg Coconut Oil comes packed in a food grade plastic bladder which is packed in a cardboard box for protection. All sizes above 1kg are food grade.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

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